Welcome to Oggi Cafè!

Situated in Sliema , by the promenade with exceptional views of the Valletta Bastions, “Oggi Cafè” welcomes you to the most excellent Italian and Mediterranean traditional cuisine on the island.

Sliema from Tigne Point

Oggi Cafè is more than a cafe but also a pizzeria and a fully refined A La Carte restaurant.
As a Cafè, you can enjoy delicious teas & coffees, together with homemade mouth-watering delights & homemade cakes and pastries. Light snacks are available at all times, such as wraps, arancini, salads, etc.

When it comes to Pizza, you will be served by one of the best Pizzaiolo on the island since he has also won several prestigious dough competitions. The dough is made up by 100% pure ingredients and first quality products are used as toppings.

Valletta from Tigne Point

The restaurant’s menu choice is vast from a variety of homemade pasta, such as the “Pappardelle al Ragù di Cinghiale” (Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragù) and other daily specialities. Also fresh fish is served daily and tender first quality cuts of meat dishes cooked in the traditional Italian way, such as fillet served on hot lava sizzling plate.

The Cafè is also equipped with a cocktail menu serving the typical Italian Aperitifs.

With the best food, the excellent service and value for money, Oggi Cafè is the place to hang out for all occasions, catering for all appetites at different times of the day with family, colleagues and friends. The menu also caters for all your family as you will also find a variety of children’s dishes.


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